After the Transplant


When patients are ready to leave the hospital, their prescriptions will be filled by the hospital pharmacy. Hospital staff will also arrange for a visiting nurse to come to the patient's home to answer questions and assure that medications are being taken properly.

Transplant Coordinators

There are many questions related to the transplant that recipients and their families will have, and providing information and support is a crucial part of our program. For the rest of their lives, all transplant recipients have 24-hour-a-day access to a transplant coordinator for any questions, problems or issues related to the transplant.

Transplant coordinators may be reached at the Transplant Office, 410-328-5408.

Outpatient Visits

To ensure a rapid and complete recovery, transplant recipients return to the University of Maryland Medical Center once a week for four to six weeks following transplantation. Their first outpatient appointment at the Transplant Clinic is made before they go home from the hospital.

Patients visit the Transplant Clinic often during these first weeks to make sure medications are precisely adjusted for their individual needs.

After this initial period, patients are asked to alternate visits between the Transplant Clinic and their referring physician. These visits will continue for the rest of the patients' lives.

At each visit, blood tests are conducted to closely monitor the patient's progress. Patients are seen by a transplant coordinator and a transplant physician. Patients are given a brief physical examination. Any necessary changes in medications are discussed, as well as any patient concerns. Social workers and dietary staff are also available to provide information and answer questions.

The Transplant Program Office can be reached at 410-328-5408.